What They’re Saying

"We attended Maya's PTM last weekend and her teacher was leasantly surprised at how much she has improved!  She was amazed as Maya couldn't even read a sinle word when she joined in Aug last year.  Just 3 months with you and she is now able to read  whole book by herself.  All thanks to your teaching”

Parent to Maya, 6 yo 


"Thanks for informing us with all the class lessons.  Very good indeed.  Totally different from **** lessons. Adelia used to attend **** but I stopped after 1 term. With PlayDate, Adelia can read short sentences ad words within 3 lessons. Thank you so much"

Parent to Adelia, 4 yo


"I'm not keen to introduce my boys to formal, serious clases at such a young age.  It might just dampen their spirit due to the rigid nature of a formal classroom setting.

And PlayDate is just so LOVE! Pardon the lack of vocab to decribe the awesome work by you and your team! My son gets to just play, play and play! All day, everyday; but with learning and thinking process taking its place too!"

Parent to Mus'ab 2 yo 




EAST BRANCH(HQ) - Blk 481 Tampines st 44 #02-275 Singapore 520481

WEST BRANCH - Blk 361 Bukit Batok St 31 #01-467 S650361

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